December 4, 2022

3 thoughts on “Concluse – Horror Game on Steam – Free

  1. Man, I finally got through the hospital section and with all the back and forth I was doing I think I have everything I need. You really need to remember previous spots in this game and have a small eye for detail because a couple of the puzzles are not so intuitive, but not super hard, as I figured them out, eventually. Anyways, the hospital area is decent sized as compared to the subway area. I’d say there’s like 8 times more area to explore.

    And when I did finish the hospital section and finally get the key for an area I was locked out of, the game opened up MORE. Every time I think this game is about to end there’s more to it. I’m now in the sewers area. There’s always a sewer area isn’t there? Anyways, I’m probably going to do some back tracking a save spot now before I tackle this new section of the map.

    This mediocre looking turned out to really fun, and I’m still playing. Will update in the comments again if I get to another area or if I finally complete the game.

    PS. I did get a Steam achievement for finding an ending, but it was a death ending, so there’s still more yet to play.

  2. Oh man, this game is HUGE. I still haven’t completed this game. When I finally completed the challenging sewer level, there were more save game polygons. I’m actually glad. I thought this game was a one and done because it’s still very fun and challenging to play. Additionally, from taking a quick peek at a walkthrough, I’m only at the halfway point of the game. Concluse could easily have been a pay for title in the 15-20 dollar price range, if not more. The games unique look doesn’t detract from the game either. Maybe in the beginning but as you go through the game and find keys and solve puzzles, you forget about how the game looks and your focus becomes one of moving on to the next level or area. This game has been a blast over the past week and I have a few more days to go before I complete it I imagine. I’m usually playing 2-3 games at any moment so I spend and an hour or 2 on each daily. Well, Concluse is a great game and if your into exploratory games with interesting stories from a first person vantage point, check Concluse out.


  3. dangit, i just went through a difficult set of puzzles and game progression and when i finally came around to the save game checkpoint, is it a save game checkpoint? oh no, it’s a load game checkpoint. is this some kind of gltich? nope. is this some kind of puizzle? yup. will the consuqeunces be serious if i don’t get the puzzle? yup. shit…

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