December 4, 2022

1 thought on “TcpView – One of my Favorite (and Essential) Windows Programs

  1. Another update to TCPView v4.1. As much as I like TCPView v4.1 I’ve discovered the font thing is not why it crashes. I actually didn’t think that would solve it, but one can hope. I’ve been trying to run it regularly side by side with the TCPView 3 version and it was running for the last 3 days and then all the sudden it just crashed, wrote out a crash file, and quit. I’m going to keep it around on disk as it’s very small, and some of the new features and default view was useful, but I’m a staunch believer in not using buggy programs. I’ll send a note off to the Microsoft folks and keep an eye out for newer versions. Should anything change I’ll update as usual. So I will continue with the version 3 of TCPView until v4 kinks are worked out. v3 is just rock solid.


    PS. The information for downloading the v3 version from my sftp server is still valid so check the article above for authentication details and IP address for the sftp server.

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