August 18, 2022

1 thought on “The Beast Inside Demo – Steam Horror

  1. Okay I finally finished the demo and yeah, I think I *may* buy the game. I mean I liked everything about the game, and it’s one of those games where you need to look around and under everything, touch or move everything you can to find secret messages, and my god, the number of drawers you have to open did get a little tiring, but I did complete the 2 chapters now in the demo. Yeah, the game is good, very clean graphics, and other than the kinda of clunky open drawer mechanism, which you’ll get use to, I may just revisit this.

    But I have literally 10 other one and done games as well as a few others I’ve paid for that I need to get through.

    The Beast Inside demo is free on Steam and if you look at the review above, there’s a link in the last paragraph that will take you right the to the Steam page!


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